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Cheap Technology Uses Passing Traffic To Produce Energy That May Power Cities

| December 2, 2013 | Leave Comment

This new cost effective technology could change how energy is produced in the future. Think about it – powering cities using energy produced from vehicular and pedestrian movement on streets.

If this technology becomes a success, it may be the most sustainable way of producing energy because it requires already existing infrastructure to function. reports:

The technology integrates a ramp-step (elaborated with polymeric material similar to the ones used in the manufacture of tires) elevated five centimeters above street level. When receiving the impact of the vehicle, this ramp exerts pressure on a set of bellows below.

The bellows contain air that is expelled at a certain pressure through a hose that travels to a tank–where it is compressed and re-launched into an electricity generating turbine. Héctor Ricardo Macías Hernández, developer of the system, says the accumulation of electric energy is proportional to the flow of cars over a specific spot. However, in places with low vehicular flow, several ramp-steps could be placed to magnify the impact of every individual vehicle.

What do you think about this interesting technology?

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